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Landscape Architect - Rated 5 out of 5 in Seattle

Best Landscape Architect - Enhancing Your Home's Value and Beauty

Our natural environment is important not just for providing us with food and water for sustenance but also for ensuring our psychological wellbeing. Studies have shown that spending a few minutes in nature every day can greatly improve our mental health. GMC Landscapes gives you access to landscape architect Seattle services that will help you achieve a beautiful natural oasis. Work with our professional team to install and maintain a landscape that is not only beautiful but functional.

Landscape Designer Services

How a landscape architect can help you

A landscape architect is a licensed professional that designs and oversees the installation of outdoor spaces. With the professional landscaping architecture Seattle services from GMC Landscapes you can:

  • Increase the value of your home

We’ll design and install an outdoor space that will add value to your property. We can handle everything from creating beautiful gardens to installing hardscapes such as fountains and patios that will make your outdoor space more inviting.

  • Create a beautiful and functional landscape

We will consider your needs and desires in designing your landscape to create a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional.

  • Improve energy efficiency of your property

We will create a landscape with consideration of your use of the space. We will install features and place trees and shrubs strategically to help reduce your heating and cooling bills.  

  • Achieve a low maintenance landscape

Our team will guide you in the selection of native plants and other low maintenance garden features to help you create a low maintenance landscape. We will help you reduce the time and energy required for maintaining your landscape.

  • Have landscape features that you want

Our team will help you achieve the landscape you dreamed of by providing installation services for any landscape feature you so desire. We’re skilled and experienced in installing everything from patios to water features.

Patio Installation Service
Patio Installation

Landscape Designer Vs Landscape Architect

Landscape architects and landscape designers work on similar residential projects. However, landscape architects are licensed professionals with an undergraduate or higher degree in landscape architecture. Landscape designers on the other hand can be self-taught and often do not have state licenses.

Wondering which professional to choose for your project? Both landscape designers and architects can work on residential projects. However, landscape architects have experience and training required for more intensive residential projects as well as large projects on commercial or public spaces. The professional you hire will therefore depend on the scale of your project as well as its requirements. Contact GMC Landscapes to discuss your project with a landscape architect Seattle trusts.

Landscaping Architecture Seattle Services GMC Landscapes Offers


We at GMC Landscapes are experienced in handling a wide variety of landscaping projects. We’ll help you achieve the outdoor space of your dreams. Our landscaping services include:

  • Landscape design

We’ll work with you to create a design that meets your needs and requirements. We’ll ensure you can achieve an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space that is also functional.

  • Plant selection

Our team will guide you in the selection and placement of greenery for your landscape. We will help you identify the best native plants for a low maintenance space. We will place your greenery strategically to achieve a beautiful and functional space that also promotes efficient use of resources.

  • Hardscape installation

We are experienced in the installation of hardscapes. From patios to pavements, we can help you create beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces.

Styles That We Can Help You Achieve

We can help you achieve any style of landscape you desire including:

  • English gardens

  • Informal landscapes

  • Formal landscapes

  • Oriental landscapes

  • Minimal landscapes and many more

Contact GMC Landscapes to learn more about the services we offer and how we can help you achieve more with your space.

Brighten your place with us! 

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