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Landscaper Bellevue


What does a landscape designer do?

First impressions count especially when it comes to real estate. A well planned and maintained landscape will enhance the beauty and appeal of the property. It will not only make your outdoor space more attractive but also ensure that you can get more use out of it. If you want to make the most of your outdoor space, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, GMC Landscapes. We offer landscape services Bellevue residents trust for the best results. With the help of our talented and experienced landscape designer will help you bring your vision to life. We will create a design that is not only visually pleasing but also practical for your needs in your outdoor space.

Our designer will guide you through the selection of plants and other elements for your outdoor space. You can trust our team of professionals to provide you with high quality results. We use high quality materials for all our outdoor installations and adhere to a high standard of craftsmanship. Contact us now for consultation with a landscape designer Bellevue residents have entrusted their properties to for years.

What is the difference between a landscape designer and a landscape architect?

Are you wondering whether to seek the services of a landscape design Bellevue Company or a landscape architect? It depends on the nature of your project. Landscape architects are licensed professionals that have a degree in landscape architecture. They deal with complex projects and often work on large projects such as planning public spaces. Landscape designers work on smaller projects such as outdoor spaces on residential or commercial properties. They do not necessarily have a degree in landscape design. However, you can ensure that you’re hiring a professional by seeking the services of an experienced designer.

If your project is small e.g. reimagining the outdoor space in your home, you should go seek landscape design Bellevue services. A professional designer with extensive experience can help you achieve great results.

We Also Provide the Following Services

  • Landscape services

  • Hardscape services

  • Patio installation services

  • Landscape lighting services

Living in Bellevue

For many people that have only heard about Bellevue, it’s simply a suburb of Seattle. However, anyone that’s been to the city knows that Bellevue is one of the best places to be in Washington. This little city is vibrant and has lots to offer its residents.

The climate in Bellevue is very mild. It rarely goes below freezing and is never too hot. Bellevue attracts young professionals seeking employment opportunities in the Emerald City. Bellevue itself is a tech hub with tech giants such as T-Mobile, Nintendo and Microsoft having a presence in the city. There are in fact more than 145 companies established in the area.

Many young families are moving to Bellevue for the idyllic lifestyle it offers. The area has a relatively low crime rate and the schools in the area include some of the top rated schools in the state. Young families move to the area to take advantage of the first-class education.

Bellevue is the perfect place for an outdoor lover. It features large expanses of green spaces thanks to its extensive park system. In fact, many refer to Bellevue as the City in a Park. The city is surrounded by large expanses of untouched natural landscapes. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to trails to explore and outdoor activities to take part in.

If you’re looking to maximize your outdoor space, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, GMC Landscapes. We’re the landscape design company Bellevue residents trust to achieve great results with their outdoor space.

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