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Landscape Designer Magnolia


Are you ready to upgrade the look of your property? Are you in need of an experienced landscaper who can guide you in choosing the right design? We are GMC Landscapes and we can help you will all your landscaping needs. We are an experienced landscape design service that is available to all homeowners in Magnolia and the rest of the greater Seattle, Washington region. We offer competitive rates, friendly customer service, and detail-oriented work. We will help you find the right landscape design for your home and show you how you can keep it looking great. Whether it is landscaping, hardscaping, or something else, we have a professional team that can help.

Hiring a Professional Landscaper in Magnolia

At GMC Landscapes, we are proud to offer professional landscaping services to any home. No matter how big or small your property is, we can take care of it for you. Our team is experienced, licensed, insured, and follows all safety standards. We use the top equipment available on the market today and tailor our work to suit your individual needs. Our landscaping services:

  • Help increase your landscape’s curb appeal

  • Help save you time and money

  • Make your property energy-efficient

  • Help you come up with a detailed plan for your landscape

Let us take care of your landscape for you.

Hardscaping Options That Meet Your Needs

There are many types of hardscapes that you can add to your property, and it can be overwhelming to determine which is the best. GMC Landscapes understands the needs of individual homeowners, and we will find you the right hardscapes for your home. Some possibilities include:

We will look over your property to find the right places for your hardscapes so that they work well with the plant life and overall theme.

Landscape Designer with Creative Ideas for Any Yard

Our landscape design is customized to fit your home and preferences. We take care to go over every detail with you and will help you determine which design is most suitable for your lifestyle and property. Here are a few of the many landscape and garden options you have:

  • English garden with shrubs and perennials

  • Formal landscape with geometric shapes and topiary designs

  • Oriental landscapes with water, rocks, and distinctive plants

  • Informal landscape with bursts of color and overflowing plants

No matter what you choose, we will install it perfectly so that you are able to enjoy your landscape for many years to come.

A Landscape Architect in Magnolia that Celebrates Nature

Our landscape architects love nature and we work hard to integrate art and the surrounding environment together for a beautiful design. We consider the climate, current plant life, and other natural elements when designing a landscape, so we celebrate nature instead of going against it. We do this by thinking about lines, shapes, form, and mass, so your entire landscape flows together perfectly.

High-quality Landscape Lighting Designer in Magnolia

Sitting outside is a great way to end the day, but you need lighting to be able to fully enjoy it. We have experts on our team who can provide you with excellent lighting services so that you can enjoy your yard both day and night. We will help you find the right spots to set up your lights so that they blend in with the overall design.

At GMC Landscapes, we are ready to assist you with your landscape. Give us a call to learn more about us and what we do. You can also send us a description of your landscape design ideas to our email, and a qualified team member will get back to your shortly. Now is an excellent time to design your landscape, so reach out to GMC Landscapes for more information.

Peaceful Oasis in the City

Those searching for city life with a quiet neighborhood to come home to will love the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Magnolia sits on a hilly peninsula northwestern side of downtown and is surrounded by Elliot Bay, Salmon Bay, and the Puget Sound. It has been a part of the city from as far back as 1891 and is connected to the rest of Seattle by three bridges. The neighborhood has been described as tranquil and suburban, with beautiful homes and plenty of greenspaces for outdoor recreation.

Magnolia was named in 1857 for the madrone trees in the neighborhood, which were mistaken for magnolia trees. It began as a fishing neighborhood and the area is still a center of fishing, with a full-service seafood market at Fisherman’s Terminal. Despite its proximity to downtown Seattle, Magnolia retains its slower pace of life and still feels like it is a world away from the hectic city.

Magnolia’s commercial center is Magnolia Village, which is filled with shops, restaurants, entertainment spots, and essential businesses, such as a post office and public library. Stroll the streets chatting with neighbors, stop by the bookstore to browse, or sit outside on a café patio. The Magnolia Farmer’s Market offers local produce, seafood, and baked goods during the warmer months.

The highlight of Magnolia is Discovery Park. At 534 acres, this park is Seattle’s largest and has a 2.8-mile loop that is perfect for walkers and runners. Discovery Park is an excellent place to go birdwatching, and you may spot owls, eagles, and herons here. The park is also the site of West Point Lighthouse and several beaches. Nearby Magnolia Park offers tennis courts, picnic tables, and a view of the city skyline.

For a quiet life that is part of a major city, Magnolia, Seattle, Washington can’t be beat.

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