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10 Outdoor Landscape Lighting Ideas for Your House

1. Light your paths

Path lights are an excellent front yard lighting option. They offer a comforting feeling of security and safety as you walk up to your home. They are also a great way of keeping guests off your grass and garden.

2. Make Your Backyard Comfy with String Lights

String lights are one of the best backyard landscape lighting options available today. They are excellent for creating a cozy and charming space. Use them for decorating your outdoor living space, barbecue area or around your pool. They’re perfect for the homeowner on a budget.

3. Warm up by your fire pit

A fire pit is a must have for cold nights. It’s comforting to sit around a fire and warm up while enjoying each other’s company. Fire-pits are inexpensive to build and offer versatility in design.

4. Draw attention to your garden

Outdoor landscape lighting offers the opportunity to highlight different aspects of your landscape. A great place to start is with your garden. Lighting up your garden will not only draw attention to your garden beds but also add a modern and stylish touch to your landscape.

5. Create Some Magic by Lighting Your Large Trees

There’s nothing more magical or whimsical than the moonlight shining through a tree canopy. You can achieve the same effect by lighting up your trees. Soft lights will highlight the tree silhouette and give your yard a more dramatic effect.

6. Save Energy and Money with Solar Lights

Want to light up your landscape but don’t want to have to pay more on your energy bills? Consider investing in solar lighting. These lights are excellent for saving energy and will not add to your monthly energy bills.

7. Light Up Your Home

Make a grand statement by lighting up your home. Accent lights aren’t only great for added security but also for highlighting the best parts of the design of your home.

8. Add a Zen Touch by Lighting up Your Water Features

Highlight your water features and add a zen touch to your landscape by lighting up your water features. Soft lighting can create a similar effect to the moon shining on water. Adding lighting to a water feature will accentuate the design of the feature as well as the effect of the rippling or flowing water.

9. Highlight Your Hardscape

Adding lights to highlight hardscapes will enhance your landscape by leaps and bounds. Lights that are placed strategically will help to highlight the intricate features of the hardscapes. For example, upward pointed lights will make a hardscape seem larger and dramatic.

10. Add a personal touch with decorative lamps

Decorative lamps are a great way to add your personal touch to your landscape. They can be any size, shape or style. Simply choose lamps that will enhance your space and help you achieve the look you are going for.

When to Hire a Landscape Designer

If you’re considering landscaping lighting in Seattle, you should seek the assistance of a professional and experienced landscape designer in Seattle right from the start. We at GMC Landscapes can help you identify the best lighting for your landscape and install it for you. We’ll help you avoid the risks and ensure you enjoy the benefits of landscape lighting for longer.

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